SyoSil was founded in February 2003 by Peter Jensen, managing director.

Our mission

SyoSil is a leading consulting company holding broad expertise within the field of System-on-Chip and ASIC/FPGA solutions, including specification, methodologies, design and verification. We are specialized in verification strategies, advanced EDA verification tools including formal methods (property checking) and EDA tool languages such as SystemVerilog. Combined with our knowledge of state-of-the-art EDA tools from major vendors, we materialize the benefits of SystemVerilog, leading to shorter design times and improved verification quality.

How it all started

SyoSil was founded in February 2003 by Peter Jensen & Jacob Sander Andersen, and initially consisted of a number of former employees of MIPS Technologies in Copenhagen, Denmark. At MIPS, our group participated in designing and verifying the World's first synthesizable 64-bit MIPS microprocessor. Later, SyoSil has welcomed new employees from other parts of the industry.

SyoSil employs the optimal mix of people with skills in hardware design/verification and computer science to allow us explore new methods, languages and tools in the area of advanced digital design and verification. The emerging technologies in these fields require an extensive understanding of object oriented programming, temporal logic and an increased level of system abstraction.

Peter Jensen, SyoSil Founder & Managing Director

With former positions at Infineon Technologies, LSI Logic and MIPS Technologies, Peter at an early stage of his engineering career started working with novel verification techniques, first with abstract channel based VHDL test benches, later with emerging languages and tools supporting constrained random verification, specifically Specman/e and SystemVerilog. In more recent years, this was followed by a passion for UVM scoreboard architectures and SVAs for both simulation/formal verification, for these topics Peter has authored and co-authored several publications. In his daily working life, Peter now serves as the managing director of SyoSil, overall responsible for growing the company towards new business segments and projects.

When not at work, Peter enjoys the Danish outdoors and waters in a kayak - preferably accompanied by the family. Peter holds a M. Sc. EE. from the Technical University of Denmark, 1997.

Peter Jensen, SyoSil Founder & Managing Director

Jacob Sander Andersen, SyoSil Founder & CTO

With the desire to devoting his career as a computer scientist to solving difficult and challenging technical problems, Jacob as a young engineer at MIPS soon realized that ASIC verification (especially verifying CPUs) is extremely complex and includes analysis and management of large data sets. Since then, Jacob has constantly been crossing the border between software and hardware development in order to perfect the art of building object oriented SystemVerilog/UVM verification environments. As the SyoSil CTO, Jacob acts as the responsible architect for SyoSil's generation framework (code named SyoGen), aiming for a model driven approach for generating comprehensive UVM UVCs and verification environments. Jacob has authored and co-authored multiple publications on these topics.

In his spare time, Jacob some days enjoys his family life - other days bringing his wheels to the muddy Danish forests.

Jacob holds a M. Sc. CS. from the Technical University of Denmark, 2001.

Our work methodology is based on many years of team experience of doing right-first-time large-scale digital chip designs able to compete in the global market for synthesizable embedded microprocessors.

We strive to be able to deliver well-documented push-button solutions, which can be adapted by our customers and used as basis for further development and changes. We are also able to integrate our services seamlessly into any customer environment and flow, using remote access to the customer systems.

This of course also includes close cooperation with engineers at the customer site. The extent of the services performed by SyoSil can scale up and down, depending on the project and its evolution. If required, additional manpower and skills will be attached to a project during its lifetime.

Our corporate values



Every day presents a new challenge and a new opportunity. We live for the constant push to keep our products relevant in the changing market.


Strong relationships are based on trust. All SyoSil teams are committed to keeping our obligations. We strive to deliver the best solutions for our customers.


If we say we are going to do something, we do it. We realize that we are bigger than ourselfs and that we have a duty to carry out our job duties with the best interest of our employees and clients in mind.


Our mission is to serve our clients by providing the highest quality services that adress their business issues. We attract, recruit, and retain the most knowledgeable and passionate professionals, in the industry. Therefor we can promise you,we will always do our best.

SyoSil honors thorough planning, following up, reporting and delivery of services on time in order to integrate in customer project plans when working on parts of larger projects.

The SyoSil team has built its experience while working at these well known companies:

MIPS Technologies

LSI Logic

Infineon Technologies

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