At SyoSil, we follow our own path. We believe we should find joy in the things we do everyday.

We are a consulting company holding broad expertise within the field of System-on-Chip and ASIC solutions:

-A highly skilled team of developers, and creators, all agile and digital and definitely geek at heart. Get onboard the adventure and start working every day on challenging projects, with great clients.

At SyoSil we are all team players, wich means that we all have the best interest of the team at heart, working for the good of the client.

As a company we are finding the benefits of incorporating horizontal organizational structure in the workplace. The horizontal organizational structure emphasizes an employee-centered approach with emphasis on teamwork and collaboration.

This allows for workers to focus and invest time and energy on company goals. In SyoSil, it is like a small town and everyone knows everyone, teamwork is an essential practice to ensuring.

If you have a high working ethic and like to work independently while having fun with your colleagues, you should work with us in SyoSil. We work in teams both onsite in our bright offices in Taastrup, but also offsite when a task requires it. We have a good atmosphere and great respect for the individual's knowhow.
Come join our SyoSil family, we promise you it will be nerdy and fun.